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What is Local SEO

Local SEO is arguably the best kind of SEO. It gives your website new viewers that are not only searching in your area but are also very interested in buying your product or service.

Local SEO will not only get your website ranking for local keywords, but it will also put your business in directories like Google My Business, Yelp, Yellowpages, and more.
Not only will having such listings boost your viewers, but it will also lead to more customers leaving reviews about you, which will drive in more customers and increase your rankings further.

Every day there are more and more people that are searching for the best local place to do business, and local SEO will help those people find you above your competition.
Local SEO not only will deliver you more targeted traffic, but it is also significantly easier to rank for since there is much less competition in your area than there is worldwide.

What You Can Do To Improve Local SEO

To boost local SEO, it is vital to have a couple of things. You need to have an address listed on your website. A physical address will let users in your area know that they are around you, as well as allow search engines to rank you to users in that area over someone else that is further away whether it is in Cincinnati or Portland.

You will also need to have social media accounts. Not only will having social media accounts boost your search engine rankings, but it will also encourage people to follow you on social media and get you more traffic through that as well. It is imperative to have the same physical address on your social media accounts as you do on your website. Having the same address will tell search engines that you are the same person, so it is critical for you to do that.

Having inbound links to your website will also significantly improve your ranking. Incoming links will let search engines know that people are talking about you and that you already have some popularity. You can get inbound links by asking people for reviews of your website, doing guest posts, or just using social media to give yourself incoming links.

Having outbound links won’t hurt your website either. In fact, it will make it even better, as it tells search engines that your site isn’t a dead end. While it is excellent to have pages of your website link to other pages within your website, you should also link to pages outside of your site.

Using high-quality content for your website is also very important for local SEO, as well as SEO in general. Google is brilliant about determining what is and what isn’t high quality content these days, and it knows whether or not you are just giving your users garbage. High-quality content won’t just boost your rankings. It will give your potential customers a better experience on your website, which is more likely to turn them into real customers.

In conclusion, having local SEO is extremely important for local businesses and will lead to gaining more clients, and reach a much broader demographic than any other form of advertising.

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