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Is Local SEO Worth It

If you’ve done any work on advertising for your website, the chances are that you’ve at least heard of local SEO. Local SEO is Search Engine Optimization that you do to improve your listing in a physical location like Salt Lake City or Myrtle Beach. If you have a business that relies heavily on foot traffic, then growing your local SEO is worth it, and many perks come along with having good local SEO.

First and foremost, having good local SEO means more traffic for your business, which means more customers, which means more money. Plain and simple, local SEO will give your business more customers. Moreover, the best part is that the more customers you get, the better your business will rank.

Another fantastic perk is the fact that as long as you keep your website and other business information up to date, your local listing will stay there for a very long time. You won’t ever have to worry about not being seen by people.

More targeted traffic is probably the best reason to use local SEO. Targeted traffic is already looking for what you have and is pretty much ready to buy. Being local is just another reason for them to buy from you. People love to buy what’s close to them and support local businesses. If people can find you from their house, there is a higher chance that they will want to purchase from you.

Local SEO is a very cheap way to advertise your business. There are lots of free ways to get your business out there and ranking in local keywords. One of these methods is through social media. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are excellent ways to get people talking about your business. The best way to dominate the local SEO market is to be precise and accurate across all of the social platforms that you decide to reach out on. Search engines look for your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) and use that information to index your business. A misspelling or inaccurate information (such as an old phone number) makes your business less credible in the eyes of the search engine.

Having good local SEO also makes your website more mobile friendly, in a way. It allows people who are already outside of their home to more easily find your business. The best way that you can make sure that people that are out can see your business (and also to ensure accuracy in Google’s index) is using Google My Business. This tool lets you give a description of your business, insert pictures, add hours of operation, and your contact information. This is the easiest way to get to the top spot in a search engine because Google will always place business information above any other content.

In conclusion, local SEO is worth it. Whether you hire an outside agency to do your SEO for you or you decide to do it yourself, it is advertising that you won’t be able to get through any other means and is extremely valuable to have.

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