What They Say About Us

Salman Abideen


I have worked with Bill on a couple of projects and he consistently over-delivers. I am surprised at the amount of rankings he can get for so many keywords. If you are having trouble getting found in Google, Bill can help.

Christopher Villanueva 


I have seen some of Bill's SEO work and am always impressed with the quality of his work. He seems to have an uncanny ability to recognize profitable keywords and then use great techniques to get them to the first page of Google. If you need to get more clients and revenue from your website, give Bill a call.

Alex Furfaro 


Bill Cook is a seasoned expert in search engine optimization and can produce leveraged traffic for any business. He uses fundamental ranking techniques that get your website on page 1 and provide long lasting results. He knows multiple coding languages to be capable of working with any website in the industry. I recommend Bill Cook.

Our Journey 

My interest in SEO started when I built my first application that I wanted to sell online.  After spending several thousand hours developing my skills and several thousand more developing my application getting the right people to find my product was very important to me.  After I got my website built I started using Adwords to get traffic and while it was great and certainly worked, I somehow knew that if I was able to get the free organic search traffic I would be much better off.

I learned through many different Google updates and found out that some things always work and some things sometimes work.   What I also learned from trial and error was that some things always hurt, and some things sometimes hurt.

When my wife started her local business I realized that great local companies were not being served well by SEO specialists and that there was a great number of predators trying to take advantage of their niavete.  So I decided that I would help local businesses.

Since We Started

After helping local businesses I have realized that while I can get great results, there is only so much one business can do, so I have started to limit the types of businesses that I work with so that I can ensure that consumers are only getting the best results when they search for Google.  Our goal is to only help businesses that deliver great service and take pride in their work to get those free leads from Google.

Online Experience Starts with Search
Never Scroll to Page Two
Ignore Paid Ads

Inside The Factory

At Blue Hawk SEO, we have a proverbial factory that makes sure that all the trains run on time.

We do research and development, where we analyze businesses and determine the best path for growth.

We have an On Page Optimization organization that helps ensure that Google understands what your web pages are about so you can get the most qualified leads.

We have an Off Page Optimization organization that helps ensure that the right people are saying the right things about your business.

We also have a reports group that puts together daily reports so you can see in near real time any movement in the search results, as well as a monthly report that helps you identify emerging opportunities.

We Want To Hear From You

If you provide great service to your local community and are wanting to let someone else do the work of getting you top results in Google, then click the button below to see if your business qualifies.