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5 Things To Look For Before You Hire A Local SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency can be tricky sometimes. As with any marketing venture, there is going to be risk involved, and reducing the amount of risk is critical to being successful. There are many ways to know whether or not an SEO company will be able to deliver what they say that they will.

Before you even hire an SEO firm, you need to ask yourself if you would benefit from additional search engine exposure. If you already have the number 1 spot for every keyword that is related to your company, you probably don’t need an SEO agency. Alternatively, if you are willing to do all of the SEO yourself, then you probably don’t need to hire an agency. Outside of those two criteria, if you own a local business and want to get more clients, it will significantly benefit you to hire a local SEO whether you are in Buffalo NY or Hattiesburg MS. Here are five things that you should look for before you hire a local SEO agency:

What Are Their Rankings?

The best way to find out if an SEO company is legit is if they can rank themselves. Ranking for SEO is competitive, so them not ranking number 1 for “Their City SEO” isn’t always the best determining factor. However, many SEO agencies have clients and “test” websites that they have ranked and asking them about these is an excellent way of knowing if they are legit. text here...

What Exactly Do They Do?

There is no secret to how and why SEOs do what they do. There may be some minor details that differentiate them from other SEOs, but in general, there is no secret to ranking for any keyword. If a local SEO agency doesn’t tell you exactly what they do, that may be a sign of shady business practices. Other businesses (like maids or electricians) don’t keep secrets about what they do from you, why would an SEO agency be any different?

How Do They Communicate With You?

Knowing how you guys will communicate is a pretty standard question to ask before hiring someone. Whether they communicate through phone calls, emails, or any other various forms of communication shouldn’t matter. It is, however, vital that you be on the same page about communication and it is a good thing to know before you hire them.

What Do They Need From You?

If all they need from you is your business name and a short description of what you do, is much easier to provide than providing them access to your website and all of your social media sites. Knowing what you need to give them is key to getting the best results from local SEO that you possibly can.

Do They Have Long or Short Contracts?

SEO doesn’t happen overnight. While it is important to have short term and long term goals, generally, ranking in the short term is detrimental in the long term. It’s not often that you will get to the number one spot in a competitive search in even a month unless you employ some black hat tactics. On the flip side, an agency that has long contracts won’t be as obligated to get you results on time, if at all. A good contract length is around six months if you are hiring an agency for the first time.

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